Medicine Wheel Model

Phillip Whiteman, Jr., is a nationally-known cultural consultant and horseman, presenter, storyteller, performing artist and international presenter. He comes to Door County regularly with teachings from the Medicine Wheel Model.

The Medicine Wheel Model focuses on utilizing Indigenous values, traditions, stories, and a way of life as a base to empower people of all cultures.  It is a holistic model that works with the mind, body, and spirit of people and it connects the spirit of horse and human.  It is a guide to help us find balance in our lives and to understand how our actions affect everything around us. As a philosophy and original map of life it helps us reconnect with ourselves-mind, heart and body. This model interprets the true language of the horse and helps us to understand how we are all connected and part of the Circle of Life.

The philosophy uses the Medicine Wheel as a model to teach us that we are all one and part of a great circle that consists of the four colors, the four directions, four seasons, and stages of life. Horses too have four sides, the child, adolescent, adult and grandparent side and they mirror us as humans. The mirror/reflection tells us that how we relate to ourselves is how we relate to others and this holds true for horses.

If we have a bad attitude and we are confrontational, the horse will mirror that behavior, just like human beings. Philip uses this cultural concept to address the dimensions of the horse and how it can help humans in all areas; emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally.

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